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Council of Elders

The Council of Elders, also referred to as the Advisory Board, is a group of accomplished professionals that are appointed to assist, monitor and help steer the executive board in establishing direction for GTP-NA corporate management related policies, and motivate the general membership as a whole with direction for future actions and deliberations.

  • Dr. Isaac Takyi, MTA New York City Transit

  • Professor Samuel Ampadu, Provost, KNUST

  • Professor Kofi Obeng, North Carolina AT&T University

  • Dr. Felix Ammah-Tagoe, E-ternational

  • Mr. Joe Lamptey, former Chief Executive, Ghana Highways Authority

  • Dr. John Riverson, Consultant (rtd.), formerly of the World Bank


The roles of the Advisory Board are:

  • Provide moral support to the organization

  • Assist the group in their execution of roles and responsibilities.

  • Provide feedback to the organization regarding its operations and functions.

  • Provide advice upon request and also share knowledge, expertise, and experiences with the group.

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